Service & Maintenance

Modern marine diesel engines have a higher power-to-weight ratio and provide more performance and fuel economy with lower emissions than ever before. With maintenance schedules optimized by trending analysis, these engines can also deliver the lowest life-cycle costs, greater uptime and exceptional reliability. Follow the recommendations included in the Operation and Installation Manual provided with your equipment or contact us to establish a detailed service & maintenance schedule.

Customized engineering solutions

We specialize in offering customized engineering solutions. Whether we are talking about state-of –the- art diesel engines or cutting-edge alignment solutions, nozzles, propellers and thrusters, our goal is to create a trustworthy and meaningful relationship with our customers.
We are here to support your new building or repowering projects and offer genuine spare parts to suit maintenance and repair works.
We take every effort to ensure your standards and expectations are fully met.

Quality Marine Propulsion Packages

We supply propulsion equipment for vessels of different sizes. Ship propellers must be highly efficient, with energy converted to thrust with only a minimum of loss and without generating unwanted vibration and inboard noise.
A propulsion system which is matched to complement a vessel’s hull design will maximise this vessel’s performance and manoeuvrability.
Contact us for a tailor-made propulsion solution.